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Calvin Kennedy of Freedom Films is one of the most experienced producers of long-lasting quality commercials and videos for any business that is concerned with their public image and ROI. The reason is real-life experience! From pre-production to the actual production shoot, and the post-production elements, we have a long history of doing things right.



Please click on our video link to watch a bit of our history in making unforgettable high-quality commercials.  We make commercials to fit any budget.  From assembled in house to commericals shot on location, we have something for your business needs.

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We have made many commercials made over the years.  Each one is unique to the business and areas for which they are made.  Ask us for links to other samples… 888-449-2526.


About Calvin

After 30 years in the film and video business, I’ve learned the value of pre-production, and the importance of this work being done before shooting. This process increases the odds for success and allows for creative inspiration during the actual production of the spot. Finally, the editing, the part where it all comes together. My least favorite six words are “we can fix it in post production”. If the above steps are done correctly these words are not necessary and once again improves the creative environment for getting you the best results possible. So, give us a call, and let’s get started.