Freedom Films Quality Commercials


Calvin Kennedy of Freedom Films is one of the most experienced producers of long-lasting quality commercials and videos for any business that is concerned with their public image. The reason is real life experience! From pre-production, to the actual production shoot, and the post production elements, we have a long history of doing things right.


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After 30 years in the film and video business, I’ve learned the value of pre-production, and the importance of this work being done before shooting begins. If pre-production occurs during the production phase, it will undoubtedly cost you more time and money. It also takes away from giving your client the best production. I’ve had the pleasure of working with directors who believe pre-production is 90% of the total production. I’m also a firm believer in that number. I’ve worked on many productions where this was not the belief, and 9 out of 10 times the crew is running behind, incurring unexpected overtime.  Completing the project becomes paramount, which means shots are sacrificed, and performances are compromised. The result is an unhappy crew and an unhappy client.

My list of requirements for complete and professional pre-production begins with an initial client meeting to discover the need. What is the client’s target market, age group, average income, competition, and what are they really expecting? Sometimes this takes several conversations, and research, which is incredibly important. The next step is agreeing on a budget, working up a contract that outlines all expectations for production and client. At this stage, the creative and strategic decisions made in earlier meetings culminates in writing a script designed to fulfill those conclusions. Upon approval, the script is then combined with a scene breakdown and a shooting schedule.

Other Pre-Production Items

Casting: Auditioning the right actors for speaking roles if necessary

Locations: Finding and scouting locations for shooting

Hiring Crew: Connecting with a vast network of professionals

Insurance: Obtaining permits, deal memos, etc.

Art Department & Wardrobe: Scenic design, locating props, and talent wardrobe


Production (actual filming of project) consists of utilizing all the elements that were processed in Pre-Production. If done correctly, this phase allows the director, actors, director of photography, and every member of the crew to reach their creative potential, and capture the best possible product. These are the moments that last a lifetime.


Completing the project involves sequencing and fine-tuning the video, audio sweetening, recording voiceover, designing graphics that reinforce the message, adding effects, attending to color correction (matching flesh tones, etc.), and creating a music bed that fits the emotional feel of the spot. The last step is formatting for various outlets. We can make and advertise the commercial for the client, which sets us apart from many of the newly minted “video companies” of today.