Types of Funnels

Funnel Types

These are the types of funnels that we have experience with. If you have an idea that you don’t see listed here please let us know what you are after and we’ll do a mock up for you.

1) The Sales Letter Funnel  Here one uses a traditional sales letter to sell your products or services. This funnel uses a long form sales letter to sell the product or service up front. Just like the old “reader” ads used in Newspapers and other print mediums.
2) The Squeeze Page Funnel  Use curiosity to generate activity with this easy two-page filtering funnel. The goal of a squeeze page is to get your visitor to give you their email address. These pages are focused and to the point.
3) The Membership Funnel  Create a membership website and sell access to it through this funnel. Membership Funnels were created to sell people into membership sites, paid newsletters and more.
4) The Survey Funnel  IF you need to id more about your perfect customer this is the funnel to use. A survey funnel has two main drivers. The first is to help your visitors engage with you more because they are required to answer questions and make little yes commitments. The second is now you can figure out who these people are and better direct them into the proper funnel, from links from the first funnel, make sense? Good.
5) The Video Sales Letter Funnel  Use video to sell your products or services through a VSL funnel. A VSL funnel has a video that makes the sale for your product or services. This can be a slippery area for some marketers as they like to hide the purchase price until after the video presentation. The chances for bad salesman tactics can be avoided by a softer “presentation of cost, funnel.” We find that keeping the approuch honest but yet saving the bottom line for the right moment is critical.
6) The Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel  Give value first, then request their email with a reverse squeeze funnel. Give away some of your best information and items before asking for a visitor to optin. Then, ask customers to “optin for more” after they watch the video. DO a little giving here and be ready to take in alot of responses.
7) The 2-Step Tripwire Funnel  Use a low ticket front end product and then upsell them your others products.
A Tripwire is a low ticket front end product that is so irresistible people have to purchase it. After they put in their credit card, you can then upsell them your more expensive products through Order Form Bumps and One Click Upsells or Downsells. Again in this format one must be careful that content does not mislead.
8) The Live Demo Funnel  Demonstrate your product through your own live demo of your products and/or services.
9) The Invisible Funnel  Sell access to an event, but charge them after it’s over if got strong results. Invisible Funnels work by giving away a lot of value for free upfront and only charging upon the customers satisfaction with it. This model is great for popular items, events or products.
10) The Lead Magnet Funnel  Give people a reason to exchange their email address. A lead magnet funnel is similar to the other optin funnels, except you are actually giving away something in exchange for their email address. It may be a report or video, but it’s typically a real value for their time and email. Far too often client want to give away nothing more than a coupon. But in today’s Share first Net world, ya gotta pony up more often.
11) The Hero Funnel  Let people know who you are and how to connect with you.Use a Hero Funnel to showcase you as the entrepreneur, your story, and build a list of followers while you do so with real content. All funnels take a vast amount of content. That where we come in, try us out now 888-449-2526.
12) The Auto Webinar Funnel  Create auto webinars that automatically sells your products around the clock.
13) The Homepage Funnel  A traditional “website” that pushes people into your core sales funnels. The Home Page Funnel lets the entrepreneur have elements of a traditional “home page” website, but turn it into an actual lead funnel.
14) The Webinar Funnel   This funnel will get people to registered and attend your live webinar events. Pretty straight forward there.
15) The Ask Campaign Funnel  Find out what your customers actually want before you create it for them. Great for products in development.
16) The Cancellation Funnel  Aside from the main purpose, to cancel a subscription or membership, this funnel page can redirect the customer back to the product with a different pitch or product/service offerings.