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We place advertising for your company or products. Why should you use Online Advertising Mart?   We focus on companies in the Professional Services, Building, Home Improvement and Manufacturing Trades.  Could you use more customers or clients? That is what we do, we bring them to your phone or door. By making your name or business the expert in your local area!

We have over 25 years of advertising experience. Online Advertising Mart is the brainchild of nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Roger Fredinburg. Roger was a key team member in building the Art Bell shows for over a decade on Talk Radio Network and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with over 200 stations carrying his show. Flooded with advertisers seeking alternate media options, Roger formed Ho Hum Media, a media buying service, to help existing advertisers expand their reach affordably beyond the TRN and CBC brands through Roger’s many contacts in the radio business.

We have grown those contacts to include ALL traditional and digital media buying! We know the right channels to get the most advertising ROI possible that will work with your existing advertising. We can get the lowest rate without pushing any one type of advertising channel on you so you remain flexible in your advertising decisions. We want results and we know that you do, too!

Today’s businesses have become lost in social media campaigns that take forever to yield results. Digital social media marketing platforms that are confusing!  Once you learn a platform, the rules change and you’re stuck using a campaign that is failing to bring you a satisfactory return. For the average business owner, social media can seem like a money pit. Website SEO, PPC (pay per click), and Ad Words can work well but you need highly trained people to manage your sites to avoid trouble with the search engines. Most likely, you are busy running your company and just don’t have the time to learn the skills needed to handle the search engine optimization duties. If you call a radio or TV station, or directory, they’ll want to sign you to a multiple-month agreement. We don’t do that!

We will make you a custom mix of advertising or just help you with a very pointed and focused ad campaign. The best part is that it costs nothing for you to use our ad placement services. Give a call to get rate cards for any local advertising channel and we’ll get to work for you right now!