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Video Optimization is the magic of making a video get found on the top three search engines.  There are techniques for making this happen quickly and with very little costs to your budget!  We know how to quickly implement those techniques to get your company found fast online.  We have been generating leads from videos for years for our National Advertising division ( Ho Hum Media)!  Now we use many of those same Video Optimization methods for your business!

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Go to Google.com and enter “How to advertise on Rush,  or How to advertise on Sean Hannity, or How to advertise on Fox News or How to advertise on CNN.com or ANY of the top News Network in the US.  Guaranteed that you will find our parent company (Ho Hum Productions.com) on page 1 of Google!   Google loves to let people find the best subject matter expert for any related search.  We can do this same thing for your company.  Call us now and we’ll show you how.


Video production  and marketing is very confusing in today’s multi-use advertising channels. Most companies don’t understand that it takes more than just a great video to generate leads.  You need Video Optimization!  As you may be aware, what is most important in today’s videos is relatable content, fast to-the-point action, offers and other SEO benefits to having multiple versions of videos. But many people are not understanding what their target audiences want in a video.  We do.

Call today to set up a test for yourself!  You owe it to your business to get the results you paid for when you had those videos made ( and put up on YouTube 5 years ago.. but no one has really seem them…)

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