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Dedicated Emailing

Free media plan & media buying plans

We are your one stop shop for CBD advertising on radio, TV and of course, online!

Easy to follow Media Plans based on your needs and our experience in Advertising CBD and Marijuana investment advertising through out the U.S. & Canada. We can create all the digital tools needed and ad production for any marketing channel or media outlet.

The edge in Cannabis Advertising, Ho Hum Media!

No media plan is like any other. Even though many states are operating legally in the Cannabis industry, many media outlets still have not come on board.

How this works is we assign one of our Media Buyers to your account.  It takes a day or two to refine an approach to your business.  We then sit down and show you how it would work.  We have identified over 500 channels to advertise your products in.  Ads can point to your website or to specified landing pages called funnels.  These funnel pages would “Weed” out the non-interested customer and focus your true customer on the sale or whatever action you need them to take.

The Ho Hum advertising way… is simple.

We have a three step process that utilizes Google my business listings, Video on YouTube and funnel pages to bring people into your store. This “Google Ranking” service includes Google my business ranking, relentlessly focused video production and media posting of good content to news sites. These are the secret weapons in getting foot traffic to your door and being found online in this growing, legal cannabis world!

Need Proof?

If you want to see if we can do it, please try this experiment with us first. Call us and we will have immediate proof ready for you when you do. Just have Google ready on your device when you do call. There is no costs to you to see a Cannabis friendly media plan that really rocks! As with many advertising plans, they are a mix of the correct outlets for your business. Call us today to talk with Sean to increase your reach tomorrow!