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Dedicated Emailing

Increase Advertising ROI with Radio Talent Endorsements

Radio Endorsement Interviews build credibility and trust quickly. This is a great way to tell your customers who you are.  You are not “on the air” but you get a recording that you can use to send as a link to your clients after you post it on YouTube or your website. Many of our clients combine images and video with this recording to enhance their messages.

We can show you how to optimize short videos to generate real leads fast! Our interviewer is a nationally syndicated top-rated radio talk show host. Roger has been doing talk radio since the early ’90s and will guide you through the interview process with very little preparation needed. He has interviewed people including entrepreneurs, politicians, movie and sports celebrities, academics, scientists and authors of every stripe!

Check out an interview samples.

These interviews simulate a real broadcast and the company who receives this will have a digital recording presenting them in a way only a seasoned interview pro can. Our current clients use these recordings to show off who they are to their new and existing customers. They are constantly giving feedback about how the interview works for them!

Powerful testimonials sell!

These interviews are a part of our Cerebral SEO system, “hands-free” marketing that will generate real phone calls and website visits for local businesses like never before.

People like to have knowledge. Give them some of yours…